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Travel days and Settling in

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I will apologize right away for the lack of photos in our second blog. The chaos of packing and getting out of New York I think took priority and it will take us a few days to get into travel mode. But it has been a few days in Brazil now so I thought I would at least catch you up on our adventures.

The trip to the airport was rushed as always and to get to JFK at the same time as all of Manhattan is going home from work is insane. Our luggage situation this trip is a bit different as we both have the extra baggage that comes with all of our kitesurfing gear. It is the size of a golf bag on wheels and somehow weigh a ton, I'm not sure what Natalie has managed to pack but I think it is more than a kite and a board!! We flew American Airlines which is our least favourite airline, but luckily the checkin guy was new to the job and not only didn't charge us extra baggage, but upgraded our seats for next to nothing. With more room in our seats and a 10pm take off time the flight went reasonably quick and painlessly although Nat was sure that the food they serve in prison is far superior to what AA puts on their planes.

A second flight from Rio to Fortaleza took up most of the mid day on Wednesday, but luckily our bags all arrived and a guy was standing at the arrival lounge with a sign with our names on it so we had no troubles here either. The drive for Fortaleza started off as quite an adventure, we were lucky to have Peter as our guide, I'm not sure we would have found our way out of town without him. Road signs do not exist and neither does urban planning as the roads wind together like a bowl of spaghetti covered with pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes, cars, and big trucks all on one road that is at times an alley and the next minute a 4 lane speedway. We did see a number of accidents, but no one slows down to take the least bit of notice so traffic kept moving. The stop at the gas station was a bit of a novelty as all the gas attendants are female (Peter told us it was to encourage male drivers to stop) and they also serve free coffee. The coffee can be described as a super sweet espresso served in a small medicine style paper cup, the rocket fuel explains a little more about the way traffic works.

The drive was roughly three hours to our pousada on the edge of the town Itarema in the village of Ilha do Guarija. To come here for any other reason than to kite surf is completely pointless, but the conditions for what we want to do are epic. The wind is non stop, the water is flat and we are surrounded in sand. Just a few guesthouses and little shack style restaurants, but the simplicity is great. Natalie has done four hours of refresher lessons and managed to ride out and back once today. I've managed to have some great sessions to test out long unused muscles and discover the few obstacles in the area...just a few cuts and scrapes, nothing serious.

We will get some photos tomorrow, just wanted to let everyone know that we arrived and everything is going well.

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Endless Summer

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It has been a great (almost a) year in Hoboken, but our toes are freezing and the travel bug has attacked again so our bags our packed and we are headed to JFK. We don't have quite as long or organised plan as last year, but we are headed out tonight for a month of kitesurfing in NE Brazil and then on to more adventures and hopefully a new home and adventures.

I'm not sure how consistent or exciting the blog will be this year, but I'm going to start it again anyway as we got some great feedback last year and it is much easier to stay in touch with those that are interested. The old blog is still online at http://colinnatalie.travellerspoint.com and the new one will be at http://endlesssummer2013.travellerspoint.com. So update your bookmarks and get signed up on the new page so you get emails to let you know when we make new posts.

Just to give you our summer in a nutshell, Natalie worked very hard and I played very hard. She was bartending at the W hotel and renewed her NJ real estate license and joined the young and ambitious team at Prestige Properties. We wish the "Can't Be Tamed" Crew all the best as they rebuild the office after Hurricane Sandy. Nat also needed a vacation after our trip last year so got to Africa for a few weeks to visit friends and to make new memories with her friend and business party from Barrow's Pub, Missy.

My summer included many great trips; sailing in Canada, St.Maarten and a successful race from Newport to Bermuda, two trips to Vegas for conferences, multiple trips to Canada for work and play, and a trip to Curacao (which turned into St.Maarten and Statia as well) for a wedding. When I wasn't traveling I was in Hoboken and training Brazilian Jui Jitsu with a group of extremely talented people which has kept me sane when I haven't been looking for work.

We did get a chance to spend time with both of our families this summer in Ocean City, MD and PA with Nat's parents and around Ontario with my family (especially my fast growing nephew!). Natalie did her first sailing race this year in Toronto...I'll keep you posted if we ever see round 2! When it looks so much as if we will live abroad, it is nice to get a bunch of family time in this year.

We moved out of our Hoboken apartment last week and are back in our favourite place in Brooklyn, Hotel Levy - Wohlers. The food, view and company is the best in New York which had a bit to do with why I decided to ask Natalie to marry me here on Sunday night. After shivering cold and getting through the initial confusion she agreed. Don't ask about a wedding, we are going to find a place to live first. Keep watching and we'll hopefully find it soon.






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